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mercoledì 6 giugno 2012

Menù segreto Olympus OM-D E-M5

Di seguito vi riporto una breve guida, in inglese, per accedere ed interpretare il menù segreto della Olympus E-M5:



With the power off, hold down the Menu button as you move the Power Switch to On.

-Continue holding the Menu button until the display appears.

-Press the MENU button.

-Navigate to the SETUP menu, and pick the monitor brightness adjustment (third item).

-Press the Right button, then press OK.

-You'll see a screen showing Olympus and the camera model number.

-Press the following sequence of buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, followed by pressing the shutter release, followed once more by pressing Up.

-There are four pages in the diagnostics, which are reached by Up (page 1), Right (page 2), Down (page 3), Left (page D). Yeah, it didn't make a lot of sense to me either until I realized that someone was too lazy to code a navigation method: they just assigned the four pages to four buttons. 


The first page lists critical information about CPU, memory, and firmware status:

-U = Main user CPU area

-B = boot area

-L = four digit firmware number

-F = four digit flash firmware number


On the second page you'll find a number of pieces of information:

-R = shutter release count

-S = flash use count

-C = cleaning mode count

-U = ultrasonic cleanings count (typical number of power cycles)

-V = Live View count (not used on E-M5)

-B = shots using in-body stabilization


On the third page you'll find:

-CS = camera's serial number

-MCS = CPU code and serial number (model #, year, number; on my camera model 4138, 204 for March 2012)


Page 4 lists error codes that the camera has encountered.


Turn the camera off to leave the diagnostics. 


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